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If you have an idea in mind to open your startup, a physical store or an ecommerce, there are free and quality online courses to boost your own business that can give you a cable and provide specialized training.

There are many things to consider before launch your own business: from the choice of the name, the corporate identity and the marketing strategy to the Business Plan, the configuration of a successful online store or the choice of a commercial premises that meets the needs of the project. Beyond a cutting-edge or groundbreaking idea, a lot of knowledge is necessary: marketing, finance, advertising, sales, entrepreneurship or social media.

The MOOcs and free online business courses They can help you in this task, providing you with examples and practical applications to start, set up your store, lay the foundations of your brand or continue a family business. We collect them on renowned elearning platforms such as Miríada X, Coursera or edX.

7 MOOCs and free courses on businesses and startups

Business model design and innovation: If you want to create a powerful and innovative business model, this MOOC taught in edX by the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey can give you a cable. You will strengthen intuition and visual thinking and you will be able to apply quantitative methods from branches such as Finance, Economics and Financial Intelligence. Family businesses: guidelines for their success: A MOOC available in Miríada X from September 7 with which