Bitcoin Association and Saxion University to launch Bitcoin SV open online courses – CoinGeek

The Bitcoin Association and Saxion University of Applied Sciences have announced a partnership to produce a Bitcoin SV-focused massive open online course (MOOC). The MOOC will be available globally and will seek to educate students about the immense power of Bitcoin’s protocol and how to build on the massively scalable Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Saxion University expects to launch the first course in early 2021. The MOOCs will follow a progressive curriculum, starting the students off with a Bitcoin Basic Course for decision makers and moving into more technically advanced Bitcoin development courses. They will be free to access for all, and although they will be offered by the Dutch university, the courses will be available globally, on demand, at any time. At the end of each course, the participants will be able to take an assessment and obtain a Saxion certificate.

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said, “The Bitcoin blockchain can be used for far more than just payments; it is also a protocol for a massive data network that can transform the world, just like the Internet did. To unleash this power, it is critical for us to educate a new generation of blockchain developers, solutions architects, and other technical professionals about the true capabilities of Bitcoin’s original protocol, now restored in Bitcoin SV.”

The partnership with Saxion University continues the Bitcoin Association’s fervent efforts to educate the