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Our series of free Udemy courses of the week that we regularly publish this week includes the Order Tracking Panel with C # MVC, Comprehensive AngularJS course from Scratch, Image Processing with OpenCV course, Arduino and IoT topics.

Free Udemy courses of the week – October 21st

Some free courses have user and time limits. For this reason, coupons may be sold out early.

Order Tracking Panel course with C # MVC

With C #, you can design and implement any desktop application you want. The language developed by Microsoft is preferred by many software developers thanks to its easy learning. With Model View Controller (MVC), you can write more effective code. For example, you can quickly adapt a code block you use to a different project thanks to MVC.

Image Processing course with OpenCV

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Thanks to the OpenCV library, you can try many image processing techniques and turn it into a project with the machine learning algorithm you have set up. If you want to work on image processing using Python and OpenCV, you can enroll in the course.

Comprehensive AngularJS course from scratch

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One of the top picks in the free Udemy course series of the