Is this the right time to discuss travel bubbles with other cities? – YP

Definitely yes. Right now, there are several countries that have a low number of Covid-19 cases or even with no infections at all. It is safe to travel to those countries.

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, economic growth has stalled, and millions of people have lost their jobs. This is the time to boost Hong Kong’s economy via tourism and trade with other countries.

What’s more, tourism provides a good break for people who have been stuck at home for a long time.

Jack Ma, 16, King Ling College

Hong Kong will soon be setting up a travel bubble with Singapore, one of Asia’s major financial hubs. Economically, this will be beneficial for both cities as the bubble encourages business visits. This allows trade talks and other meetings to take place, helping to boost the post-coronavirus recovery.

The bubble will also boost the two cities’ aviation and tourism industries.

Hong Kong’s tourism industry is one of the sectors worst hit by the pandemic, as officials have shut the city’s borders to tourists since March.

I hope the government will establish more travel bubbles with other places which are safe for travellers.