Khan Academy’s Sal Khan shares advice for online learning: Do less, and turn off the camera – The Washington Post

Khan is the founder of the nonprofit Khan Academy, a collection of online learning tools and video classes for kids that he started in 2008 after successfully tutoring his own cousins over video. In 2014, he started an in-person school in Silicon Valley called the Khan Labs School, which has also had to make the switch to online classes this month.

In the spring, after schools began closing down, usage of Khan Academy’s free online tools was up 300 percent with more than 30 million kids using them, according to Khan. He sees similar patterns already and thinks the final number could be far higher this semester, as more schools start with more fleshed out plans for teaching.

We asked Khan about the limitations and risks of remote learning, his advice for making the most of it and if it’s okay to push back against demanding schedules. The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Q: Distance school is starting and some kids are being asked to be on Zoom for hours. What is too much? Is there a best practice?

This is a brand new world for everybody, I definitely worry. Even as adults we can’t be staring at a screen forever.

For younger kids, you