Online learning: Can schools prevent cyberattacks? – WWLP.com

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Public Schools resumed remote learning Friday after a cyber threat canceled classes Thursday.

Springfield Public Schools said there were potential threats to the network that have been identified. They said the threat was to their IT network. Virtual learning was canceled for the rest of the day to restore access to all software and services as quickly as possible.

22News spoke to the general manager of PC Computers in West Springfield, he told us it’s important for computers to be on the latest virus update.

“Make sure your computer is updated, either MAC or PC are updated to all the new security updates and then make sure they are virus and spyware free,” Brian Zhang advises.

When it comes to virtual classrooms, Brian says teachers need to take the time to learn how to place the highest level of protection on computers so that people can’t hack into class sessions.

Brian says the only downside is computers that are older than Windows 7 cannot be updated to the latest virus protection.