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Everybody seems to have a problem with virtual learning.

The school days are too long or too short, depending on whom you ask. Students are tired of staring at screens. And many teachers are exhausted less than two months into the school year.

With no telling when remote learning will end amid a rising wave of COVID-19 cases, the New Jersey School Boards Association wanted to know: Is there a way to make the experience better?

Here are four key takeaways from the organization’s special report on virtual learning released Friday.

Schools have done everything they can to launch virtual instruction, but they could use more guidance from the state Department of Education, the association said.

Particularly, teachers need best practices for adapting their in-person curriculum for online lessons. Some lessons just aren’t easily transferrable.

“Educators need professional development to effectively teach classes online,” the report says. “How can the NJDOE help districts and provide resources to assess and improve the quality of online instruction?”

Did kids really learn last spring? It’s a fair question considering the challenges many students faced in trying to access online learning.

Schools have already begun assessing how far behind students fell,