“Our students deserve better”: Teachers voice concerns about online learning – WCJB

MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) – Online learning may provide some opportunities for families struggling with health issues, but some teachers say they are having some trouble transitioning between in person learning to digital.

Belleview Middle School Teacher, Terry Kinder, recently posted an emotional video voicing her concerns with online learning.

“It’s not working,” said Kinder. “Our kids deserve better, we deserve better.”

Other teachers like Belleview Middle’s Cheryl Lindstrom agree that issues with technology, standardized testing, and trying to get students to focus are taking a toll.

“Parents made a choice to keep their kids home and I honor that, I appreciate it, at the same time we need to make sure that those children are being able to engage in their learning,” said Lindstrom. “We do have a lot of students that are struggling, that are failing we have a lot of students that aren’t engaging in the in the school you know when their classwork is presented to them online we’re reaching out we’re emailing were calling so we are trying to make that happen.”

With the end of the first nine weeks approaching on October 21st, change may not be too far away.

The Marion County School Board is expecting an increase in students returning back to brick and mortar learning.

“The students came to us where they left in March and we can