Phys Ed via Zoom: PE teachers stretch their imaginations to get kids active during online learning – Kitsap Sun

Jay DeVries locates an open section of garage at his mother’s home in Poulsbo as wife Karla chats with seventh- and eighth-grade students via Zoom on a pair of laptops resting on a workbench. 

With pet bulldog Chloe keeping a watchful eye, the two Poulsbo Middle School physical education teachers want to make sure everyone is prepared to do a little sweating.

“OK, are you guys ready to rock?” Karla asks.

Two classes, one game of gym class B-I-N-G-O, 18 minutes of activity where students perform different exercises assigned to various letter/number combinations. Karla recommends that students use household items if they don’t have weights to use.

“Run in the kitchen and grab a couple soup cans if you need to,” Karla says.

Having undergone two hip-replacement surgeries in the past year, Jay jokes that Karla has the easier job — pulling B-I-N-G-O balls from a kitchen strainer — while he demonstrates each exercise, from burpees and boxer abs to planks and bicep curls.

Dog Chloe licks Poulsbo Middle School physical education teacher Karla DeVries' face as she and husband Jay, who is also a PE teacher at Poulsbo Middle School, perform side-planks while leading their students through a virtual gym class from inside Jay's mother's garage in Poulsbo on Oct. 2.

“I like being bossed around at my job,” Jay says with a grin.

Not wanting to hear any more good-natured guff from her husband, Karla takes her spot next to Jay, matching him movement for movement. 

The DeVries tandem, who have worked together for the last three years, spends two days each week