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Seventy percent of women journalists have been harassed, threatened or attacked, according to a report from the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) and TrollBusters. A global survey carried out for the report found that one-third of female journalists considered leaving journalism because of online attacks and threats.

Learning who online trolls are and who is backing them, as well as bolstering your digital security and finding ways to confront online harassment, are essential skills for female journalists all over the world.

The free course, “Online Harassment: Strategies for Journalists’ Defense,” will teach women journalists and their allies how to protect themselves online, how to deal with online harassment and how to find networks of support.

This Knight Center course is held in partnership with IWMF and will run from Nov. 16 to Dec. 13. Sign up today!

IWMF Online Harassment MOOC

“The idea is that we build techniques that journalists can use and these will be practical steps that people can take. It’s not just a focus on digital security; that sounds like a big scary word,” said lead instructor Ela Stapley. “These are really just basic steps you can take as a journalist to help manage your online profile and to help take back the amount of information that’s on the internet about you.”

Stapley will be joined by co-instructors based around the world, including Arzu Geybulla, Catherine Gicheru