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Artificial Intelligence

The State of AI in Higher Education

Both industry and higher ed experts see opportunities and risk, hype and reality with AI for teaching and learning.

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Matthew Rascoff, associate vice provost for Digital Education and Innovation at Duke University, views the state of artificial intelligence in education as a proxy for the “promise and perils of ed tech writ large.” As he noted in a recent panel discussion during the 2020 ASU+GSV conference, “On the one hand, you see edX getting more engagement using machine learning-driven nudges in courses, which is pretty amazing. But on the other hand, we have all these concerns about surveillance, bias and privacy when it comes to AI-driven proctoring.”

Rascoff identified “something of a conflict between the way this stuff is built and the way it’s implemented.” In his role at Duke, he noted, “It’s really hard to distinguish [in AI] what’s real and what’s not.”

Rascoff joined other panelists in one of two sessions held back-to-back, examining the place of AI in learning: “AI Transforming Higher